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For me, astrology is the foundation for readings; you can learn so much about yourself with a natal chart. Besides describing your nature, it will point out what is likely going on in your life and how to work with it instead of fighting it. Even difficult times can have positive results; just as easy times can produce nothing significant.

If you don’t already have a chart calculated for your birth, you can get one here. You need:

  • Time of birth
  • Month, day, year
  • Place of birth

Astrology isn’t simple. There is much to learn. Let me give you some tips and a starting point. You will be thrilled with what you can find out about how you handle life and how to work with what is coming up for you.

The placements of your sun, moon and ascendant or rising sign point to what qualities you have (Sun), why you react and feel the way you do (Moon) and what you like to show people (Ascendant or Rising Sign).

Knowing what signs these three points are in and what element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) is where we begin.

Think about fire – it nurtures by keeping us warm and by cooking food. It can also be romantic (sitting with someone in front of a fire) and hypnotic (watching a fire dance). Fire is exciting! It can also burn you, turn food, or most anything, to ashes and it can steal the show. It can burn itself out.

Fire signs excite us. They make us want to move, do something positive. They can overwhelm and overshadow us. They do like to lead.

Aries, the first fire sign; it is the first sign in our Zodiac. Being the first sign, new experiences are exciting to Aries. They are excellent at starting things and making us want to get excited and join – they hope we want to follow.

Leo, the second fire sign has learned from Aries. You don’t necessarily need to follow; but, watch them and love them. Leo wants to entertain and make you happy. It is a generous, giving sign. Still, it is a fire sign – look at me, praise me, love me. They find joy in making others happy and loved.

Sagittarius, the third and last fire sign takes it all into account and they want you to learn – anything – just don’t stagnate. Sagittarians enjoy knowledge and will seek it out with a goal of sharing and teaching. They are excited by travel and meeting people with different backgrounds and ideas from them. E

Picture earth – the planet we live on. It supports us, we build on it and grow food. Earth signs are practical and like to be productive. While fire signs like the experience, earth likes to see the results of the experience.

Taurus, the first earth sign and second sign of the Zodiac. This sign likes to take the Aries experience and make it into something useful and tangible. Taurus also needs to enjoy.

Virgo, the second earth sign, takes what Taurus has started and tries to perfect it. While Taurus wants to possess everything they work for, Virgo wants to get rid of what is unnecessary.

Capricorn, the last earth sign. They have goals; usually long-range goals. While Taurus and Virgo are fine working with and for others, Capricorn likes to be in charge. They like to be the leader and delegate to others.

Air – breathing, wind, talking all are part of air signs. Verbal or written expression is important to air. Communication is important. What good is the information if it isn’t shared?

Gemini, the first air sign and third sign of the Zodiac. Gemini is interested in everything. Information, any information is what they crave. They also love to share this information. Gemini speaks fast; they have so much to share. Their main goal is to get you interested in ideas.

Libra, the second air sign, puts a little more thought into the information. They want feedback. Even if you do not agree with them, they want to know what you think. Conversation is important to Libra.

Aquarius, the third and last air sign. They find a topic, research it and want to act on it. Not alone though. While Geminii want to tell anyone and everyone what they discovered, Libra prefers the one on one conversation or debate, and Aquarius want to form a group and get that well-researched idea out in the world. They want to act on the idea.

We feel water. Our bodies are mainly water. It supports us – we need it to survive. When frozen, we walk on it. When it is warm, we relax and bathe in it. Whether floating in a pool or swimming in the ocean, water makes us feel something.

Cancer is the first water sign and fourth sign of the zodiac. This sign wants to establish a home and family. They like to give and receive nurturing. Cancer can be a moody sign because they feel so much themselves and can pick up someone else’s emotions as well.

Scorpio is the second water sign. This sign likes to really explore their feelings and look for someone to explore with them. While Cancer may tread lightly, not Scorpio. They want an intense experience to go with the feeling.

Pisces is the third and last water sign. Their feelings run very deep and go beyond the physical. In a perfect world Pisces would like the planet to feel the same thing – Pure Love. Not just family or a partner, the entire world consciousness.

I know this is very basic. As I said, astrology is not simple. I tried to keep this light and positive. As we progress, we can delve more deeply; look at the other qualities of the signs.

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